Safety at Work

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Every construction site or other working environment that could be dangerous or hazardous needs to be handled safety. In order to provide employees safe and healthy work environment, there are criteria that need to be met. If you have questions about how to handle certain environments at work please refer to or ( Workers’ Rights on the OSHA website. You can also reach out to OSHA directly by calling 1-800-321-6742.

We have all the equipment necessary for a safe day in the work place.

Safety Helmets– In order to prevent concussion from falling objects, hard hats are necessary to keep you safe at work. These also prevent against low hanging wires that could pass an electrical current through the body.

Safety Masks– To prevent inhalation of toxic substances, dirt and debris, or other vapor, use a mask. There are many particles in the air that over years can build up in the lungs causing illness and disease. This is something that could really save your life! Don’t let the heat discourage you from wearing your mask!

Safety Vests– Want to be seen? Get safety a vest! If you are working on a jobsite at night you may even consider getting reflectors on your vest to be seen by passing vehicles.

Safety Glasses– This should be a top priority! Eyes are very sensitive, so sensitive that you can feel a 3 cm hair moving around. Safety glasses can protect your eyes from hazardous liquids and flying objects. Never forget how important your eyesight is! On a jobsite it could be gone in seconds.

Safety Gloves– There are many different types of gloves on the market and each job requires you to research and find the gloves right for the activity. You wouldn’t see gardening gloves in an ER or latex gloves in an auto shop. Be smart and research which gloves would be right for your project.

Ear Protection– With time human’s hearing goes bad, so why quicken that process? There are many different types of protection so choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Safety Signs– Always be aware of your surroundings! Have an escape plan and know what obstacles you are surrounded by daily in your working environment.


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