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Oh Hiya! Meg here and I know better than most that note taking can be monotonous and not always effective. There are so many different styles of note taking for different situations, which can ensure that your notes are useful. Here’s a short list of every day office meetings and my favorite ways to take notes for each of them:note taking

  • The Brainstorming Meeting
    • In a meeting where there will lots of participation and idea building, it’s important that each member of the team is up to date. I always use a dry erase board so ideas can be quickly written down and visible to each team member. We don’t always hold these meetings in the same room so I like to use the Total Erase Reversible Mobile Easel. It’s so easy to move around the office and it’s big enough that we can fit every idea from our meeting on the board with space to spare.
  • The Board Meeting
    • In a large meeting like a board meeting, I usually volunteer to take notes which are later handed out to everyone. In times like this, I need to make sure that my notes are clearly written so everyone can make sense of them when taking a second look. To make sure my notes are clear and legible, I use my Fine Tip Permanent Marker. It writes so smoothly and I’m never left guessing what letters or numbers I wrote in a hurry.
  • The Team Meeting
    • Usually when our team gets together we run through a quick weekly recap of our to-do lists and upcoming projects. The notes I take in these meetings are purely for my own use so I like to jot them down on my American Pride Legal Pad. I can easily keep track of what projects are coming up and what revisions need to be made on current assignments. The legal pad is just the right size to fit all my notes without being too cramped.

Taking notes is a necessary part of office life, but I’ve found it’s made much easier when you have the proper tools for note taking. I hope my list helps you to keep neater notes for every meeting you have on your schedule. For a few more handy tips for note taking take a look HERE.

Until next time, Meg

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