Power Accessibility and Workplace Safety

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Power Accessibility and Workplace Safety

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all seen buildings with poor planning when it comes to power outlets. Think of an airport, an educational facility, or even your own office. If you have devices that need to be plugged in, you are restricted to the area within a few feet of a wall outlet. People end up “camped out” on the floor by the wall (sometimes in terribly inconvenient locations) so they can plug in a laptop or phone. Have you ever walked out of a classroom and almost tumbled over someone sitting on the floor with a laptop and their legs stretched out? Then you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Or how about this scenario: your business is relocating and turning a large office into a conference room. You want power in your conference table but there are no outlets in the floor, only in the wall. The quick and easy solution would be an extension cord and a rubber cord cover to bring power from the wall to the center of the room. While this solution is indeed easy and fast, is it the safest? Exposed cords on the floor (or even ones with a rubber cover) can pose a tripping hazard to those using the space, and can also get in the way of chairs if they are being rolled throughout the room.

How can both issues be put right? By providing power access in the center of a room, not just in the walls. Steelcase has provided a solution that is not only affordable and safe, it can be used in existing buildings without the need to core drill or trench into concrete subfloors! Steelcase Thread is a power solution that integrates easily into any space by routing power through a 3/16” high track that is installed beneath the carpet. The track has ‘ramps’ on either side, providing a safe solution that does not cause a tripping hazard. With Thread, floor monuments and freestanding power hubs can be installed almost anywhere in a room, allowing users to plug in from a centrally located seating area or work table without having cords running to the wall. Conference rooms also benefit from having power directly below where the table needs to plug in – no cords laying on the floor!

No matter the setting, Thread can help you make the most of your office’s real estate. With a simple installation process, low profile, and affordable price, Thread is a solution that is changing the way people think about power distribution. Ask the Porter’s Office Products Furniture team to learn more about how Thread can be integrated into your space!

Images provided by Steelcase. Visit https://www.steelcase.com/products/computer-support/thread/ for more information.

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