Pen Mightier Than The Sword: Arm Yourself With Writing Supplies

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Writing Supplies

Whether taking notes, making a schedule, or brainstorming for the next New York Times best seller, the pen you use can be your best friend or bitter enemy. We’ve all had a “light bulb” moment in the past that was snubbed by a dried-up pen or, worse, one that ran across the page and left a smear of ink across your hand. When inspiration comes and you pen fails on you it can be pretty discouraging. The following is a rundown of some of the top rated pens and markers that will get the job done right.

Depending on the task, sometimes you’re going to need an ultra-fine tip to write with. Sharpie’s twin tip permanent markers offer a standard 1 mm point as well as a 0.3 mm fine point on the other side for added versatility. Like other Sharpies, these are fade proof and non-toxic. Toss in some color options and you have a quick-drying Sharpie pack for any situation.

There’s a reason the G2 Pilot retractable pens are among the top selling in the world. They write smooth, are smear proof, and feature a comfortable rubber grip. But perhaps best of all, they are proven to be the number one longest writing gel ink pen you can buy. And when that ink finally does run low, the G2 ink refills are inexpensive and easy to find just about anywhere. Purchased by the dozen, this is a price/performance ratio that can’t be ignored and personally, it’s what I use here at Porter’s Office Products.

With Sharpie’s Liquid Mechanical Pencil we have the first real evolution in pencil technology since the Civil War. This pencil writes smoothly just like a pen but erases like a pencil. The secret sauce to this liquid pencil is after about an hour the writing will become permanent like a pen. The freedom to erase and make corrections within that hour can be a lifesaver and save you from having to pull out the white out for corrective surgery on your write ups.

When you’re looking to draw attention to the most important parts of a report, essay, or battle plan, consider using some bright adhesive flags to customize things. This pack from 3M has 225 1”inch flags, big enough to have space to write. These flags come out one at a time to help keep things neat and tidy. This pack in particular comes with a dozen 2” filing tabs. When you’re looking to highlight information, these flags are the cleanest route to make it stand out.

It’s time for a big company meeting and you’ve got 20 minutes to deliver the goods. You’re the improvisational type and don’t have a PowerPoint at the ready. But you know your coworkers have got to visualize your ideas or they’ll be snoozing from the get go. Good thing you have Expo Dry Erase markers in tow put your message up in bold colors. Among the reasons the Expo brand has become synonymous with quality is they are low odor and easier to erase than competitors. This 12 pack should satisfy all your workplace artistic needs.


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