Office Spring Cleaning Tips

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The snow is slowly melting away and that fourth layer of clothing is no longer necessary. Its time to shake off winter the ice and usher in some spring-time cheer. One of the best ways to kick off spring is by cleaning and getting your office in order. The relief of removing the winter-time clutter can help relieve stress and anxiety. We will give you a few of our office spring cleaning tips below.

Divide and Conquer

The first office spring cleaning tip is to divide up the office. It can seem like a lot to tackle if just one person is going to try and take on the whole office. Divide the office into section and divide your employees into teams. With the office in sections and everyone on a team it will make it much more manageable. Remember the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Take your Time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Same goes for your office. It will take some time to get everything in order, and that’s okay. Don’t get discouraged if after the first day of cleaning it looks even more cluttered than before. That is part of the process and it will get better. Take your time and be thorough. It will be worth the wait when you are all done. Trust us.

Desktop Declutter

A messy desk is just asking to make you stressed out. The more organized your desk the more at peace you will feel. Marie Kondo has some suggestions to help organize your desk. The first thing she suggestions is to remove all paper and files from your desk. She says if you aren’t actively using a piece of paper it shouldn’t be on your desk. Put it away. This should be easier in today’s digital age than in the past. The other suggestion she has is to remove personal decorations from your desk. Just one framed picture of a loved one. Maybe one item to personalize your desk and cheer it up. But that should be it. your desk should not be a knick knack shelf.

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Digital Declutter

Sometimes a cluttered digital desktop can be worse than a cluttered physical desktop. Use files. Instead of having all your documents scattered on your desktop put them in a file and keep it organized. This will make it easier down the road to find the files you are looking for. If it is outdated, delete it. Don’t be a digital hoarder.

Keep it Clean

Now that your office is clean and ready for spring lets keep it that way. This might be the hardest step of all. Make a chore chart for the office just like when you were a kid. Assign people a task and hold them accountable to it. Rotate the tasks ever so often so that it doesn’t become monotonous. Stick to a cleaning schedule and hopefully come next spring you won’t be back at square one.

We hope these office spring cleaning tips help you to keep your office neat and tidy. If you are in need of any cleaning supplies, add it to your next order and get started cleaning right away! Don’t procrastinate.

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