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A Blue Cow story about Free Tennis

I love tennis. Unfortunately, the Tennis Channel offered by my cable service is part of an expensive package with a whole bunch of other sports channels tht don’t interest me. Last year, just before the French Open, I was on the phone with the cable company helping my daughter set up her account and I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. I told the man on the phone how I love tennis and my dilemma about the sports package.

Surprisingly, he then told me how he is also excited about the French open and also has many favorite players who do not get coverage on the usual sports networks. After a brief discussion about the tournament, he offered to help me. For the rest of the summer, I was able to enjoy the Tennis Channel as part of a temporary free trial. The trial has since ended but I am still grateful to my tennis buddy at the digital cable company for setting me up with the trial even when he knew there was little chance I would purchase the package in the future.

-Story contributed by Susan Woodbridge

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