Mobile Printing Has Gotten Better

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Print Hammermill can be sued to print from your mobile device to your printer!

More and more often we find ourselves on smart phones and tablets these days. But just because we have a more mobile computing device doesn’t mean the necessity for printing has disappeared. And here in lies the problem. There are many solutions for mobile device printing but most fail to provide the standard features we are use to finding with a laptop. But never fear our hero is here to save the day! Hammermill has developed an app that will allow you to print from your mobile device and gives all the options you’re use to. It’s works with Apple and Droid devices which is a nice plus. So wither you are printing at home or at the office, there is no more convenient a way to print then to print with the new Hammermill app. Oh and did I mention it’s free? So go ahead, start printing mobile.

Click here to see it for Apple

Click here to see it for Android

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