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By providing employees with a breakroom featuring a refreshing atmosphere, comfortable seating options, and complimentary supplies, they will return to work with a positive attitude. This positivity translates into improved workplace morale which then has been proven to increase overall productivity.  Improving the breakroom is a cost-effective way to increase overall employee satisfaction.  And for many, this may be the crucial time to get to know their coworkers better outside of the conference room.  Having a good variety of seating options, whether it be comfy couches, or an ergonomic chair, can help break up the pace for break time.  The best employee breakrooms provide flexibility by having a layout that allows for big groups of workers to socialize, or, if you need some time alone, sufficient space to breathe.  Here are five popular breakroom options that can go a long way to motivate your fellow employees and energize them for the rest of the day’s tasks.

Sometimes all an employee needs on a sleepy Monday is a cup of freshly brewed coffee to tackle the daily work tasks with gusto.  Keurig hands-down is our most popular brand for coffee brewers.  The K155 OfficePRO Premier Brewing System is a standout in their product line, perfectly balancing quality with phenomenal value.  The K155 features a full-color LCD touch screen and comes with a 12 count variety pack of Keurig coffee to hit the ground running.  This particular model has Quiet Brew Technology, a standout feature in this affordable price range.

Have you ever microwaved some leftovers on a flimsy paper plate that just couldn’t hold itself together?  Dixie brand plates to the rescue!  These heavyweight 8.5” paper plates can withstand any food you throw at it and come out victorious.  These plates have a compact, low-stacking shape to save on storage space and their Soak Proof Shield provide strength and rigidity.  The 500 pack presents the best value and can help employees save money by bringing more food/leftovers from home for their lunch break.  I’d call that a win-win situation.

The last thing employees should have to worry about during a break is dealing with a sloppy breakroom.  Keep messes at bay with 2-ply Genuine Joe Paper Towels.  The paper towels in this 24 pack have great liquid capacity and is perfect for touching up a Breakroom spill in a jiffy.  Keeping a roll of these at every table will go a long way to keeping your breakroom tidy and enjoyable to all.


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