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Just because things get a little hectic during the holidays doesn’t mean all your organization goes out the window! There are still school projects, Christmas parties, shopping lists, holiday trips, meetings, and schedules! With Smead’s help we found three simple steps to plan your life using colored poly slash jackets in a three ring binder. Don’t have  the supplies? Get the jackets here and the binders here!  


  • Keep all project materials in one place so you never waste time searching for information.
  • Use a separate Three-Ring Binder to contain all of the materials for each of your projects.
  • Choose different colored ring binders for each client or project type.
  • Label the spine of the ring binder with the project name for quick identification. Keep the binders on your desktop or on a shelf so you can see all of the project names at once.


  • Separate project materials into logical parts using Colored Poly Slash Jackets. The translucent material lets you see what’s inside.
  • Choose a different color for each category. Use the same colors for similar materials in each project binder so finding sections is easy.
  • Arrange them in the ring binder in a sequence that follows your workflow for projects.


  • Assign project tasks through completion on a list.
  • Create deadlines for each task and track them using a “Due Date” column and a “Completed” check box on your project task list.
  • Store the task list in the pocket on the inside front panel of the ring binder.
  • Stick to your schedule. Enter critical dates on your monthly calendar so you can easily tell if you are on track.


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