We Are An Exclusive Steelcase Dealership

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If you’re familiar with Porter’s OP, you already know we have a wide and comprehensive selection of products that can furnish your office from top to bottom, and keep it up and running. But the strength of our product lineup is built on the quality brands we sell, and one we’re very proud to partner with is Steelcase.

Steelcase Open Plan

Porter’s is an exclusive Steelcase dealer because we know our customers need the best, and Steelcase delivers the best. Steelcase offers a globally accessible portfolio of industry leading workplace furnishings, products, and services, with over 650 dealers worldwide. By working with Steelcase, we’re able to help our customers work more effectively, efficiently, and comfortably, while offering cutting edge office technology. The Steelcase categories we sell are:

Open-Plan Workstations
In today’s workplace, offices need to be more effective than ever before. An open-plan workstation gives you the ability to tailor your space to your needs, while setting you up for maximum efficiency.

Private Office Furniture
For the executive suite or the mid-level office, we have a comprehensive selection of high-quality, traditional or contemporary private office furniture that can fit any job title.

GM Approved Furniture
Porter’s is a member of the General Motors Facility Program, designed to transform the image of GM dealerships and surpass corporate standards. The program is very selective about which furniture brands are approved for facilities, and Steelcase is a big one. We carry all the Steelcase pieces you need to finish off a dealership renovation.

Learn more about the brands we carry by calling us here at Porter’s, or by visiting our Facebook page.

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