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Getting supplies ready for a new hire is a terrific idea as it makes the job easier and faster. This is because the new hire is always anxious to start work. It is very pertinent you provide the basics; you may then address special issues in relation to the situation when he/she progresses.

This article will not bore you with stories and I promise at the end of the article you will have an insight into the essential office supplies needed by new hires.

The following are essential office supplies you need to get in place for new hires:

Writing Instruments

The most relevant office supplies needed by new hires are the writing instruments. Writing instrument like a pen, the pencil is very relevant. While it’s okay with some employees to use a normal standard ballpoint pen, some profession does differ in use. For instance, an executive may require a desktop pen and pencil while an engineer may need mechanical pencils.


Staplers are always useful to most employees. The regular office stapler is convenient if the employee’s job does not entail stapling large stacks of documents, but if it does a heavy-duty stapler will be necessary. Ensure that extra supplies of staples are always available.

Tape Dispenser

It is important you get tape dispensers for new hires especially those with a weighted base to help maintain balance while in use. Tape dispenser makes reloading of a new roll of tape much easier.


Notepads are very useful for putting down information. Although computers are more preferable by some employees in jotting information, some still prefer notepads to jot information down.

 Notepads are very crucial to Secretarial and receptionist jobs because they are very handy. It is important to ask the choice of new hires on which notepad size they desire.


Calendars are used in tracking events, meetings, appointments, callbacks and other tasks. There is the computerized calendar available, but some employee still prefers to use the paper calendar.

Calendars exist in various styles such as monthly wall calendars, small daily calendars and large calendars that can dominate a desktop.

Desk Chair

Having a quality chair to sit in can make a world of difference to a new employee. They will be most likely be sitting for several hour a day and it is important that they are comfortable which will improve their productivity.

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