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The Forgotten Chair

The science of safety and efficiency within the working environment.

Whether you are opening a new office, re-vamping your business furniture, or planning a home office in your college son’s old bedroom, deciding on office furniture can be overwhelming and expensive.  Thousands of options are available from
hundreds of thousands of companies.  Who can afford a $600 chair for the 45 employees working in the office?  Who has time
to think about the two left-handed people out of those 45 employees? Height-adjustable desks, and adjustable monitor arms that spin 360 degrees?  That’s too fancy for me.  I want to keep my office simple and cheap.  After doing some
research, I discover that keeping my furniture simple and cheap can magnify my initial cost dramatically through medical bills, low productivity, frequent re-hiring, and frequent furniture replacement. Since approximately 1/3 of a person’s life is spent in the work place, considering ergonomics is essential.

Some of the side effects of poor ergonomics include:

  • musculoskeletal
  • back pain
  • carpal tunnel
  • poor blood circulation
  • eye strain
  • glare
  • distraction from noise
  • discomfort from heat

Some of the benefits of an ergonomically sound working environment include:

  • minimized healthcare costs
  • boosted productivity
  • attraction and retention of employees
  • minimized fatigue and discomfort

Traditional ergonomics focus on the body, while Steelcase focuses on the individual and how each person moves.  Steelcase takes the practice of ergonomics a step further, designing products that allow people to sit, stand, and even walk while staying focused on their work.  Their designs are based on The Wellness Perspective, which consists of physical, cognitive, and social needs.  Our furniture is designed to move with you–not the other way around.

Are your employees constantly stretching their cramped muscles, and leaving work early every week to see their trusted
chiropractors?  Do you find yourself keeping one eye on the clock so you can get home and get out of that chair?

The best chair you can buy for your new office is the chair you forget you are sitting in.  Steelcase chairs are designed to move with you in every position you need throughout the day.  To learn more, visit


Melissa Brown
Furniture Design Specialist
Porter’s Office Products
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For more information about furniture or to do a ergonomics assessment feel free to contact Melissa Brown.

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