Ergonomic Travel Advice for the wireless worker

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Many people find themselves traveling for work, and it becomes harder to think about ergonomics. However, given the strain and discomfort of travel, here are some things to be mindful of to create a productive and safe mobile office.

For your journey

  • Take breaks as often as possible by shifting positions, stopping at a rest area (if in a car) or taking a stroll up the center aisle (if in a plane).
  • Bring along a lumbar cushion. Inflatable models fit easily into carry-on bags
  • Keep it light and distribute carried weight evenly whenever possible. Use a padded ergonomic backpack and use rolling bags with extended handles when possible.
  • Pack a portable footrest for use in the car or airplane to elevate the legs, promote circulation, and eliminate stress on leg muscles. The footrests can then be used at hotel room desks as well.

For your mobile Office

  • Laptop track pads can place stress in the shoulders or upper back. a travel or wireless mouse is ideal.
  • A full-size keyboard for laptops or tablets promotes proper posture of the wrists and arms. Folding or roll-up keyboards are travel-friendly options.
  • A hands-free device for your cell phone prevents unnatural bending. And, frankly, these devices help you multitask.
  • Wrist rests provide cushioning and promote correct typing posture, and the gel strips fit easily into carry-on bags.
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