Data Storage 101: Backing Up Your Files for Peace of Mind

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Data Storage

Have you ever lost a project or article due to a corrupted file or the power going out? With more and more aspects of small to medium businesses going digital, this comes with the reality that there are fewer physical backups available to rescue important documents. File redundancy is essential to avoid very expensive mistakes. The best practice in data backup is called the 2+1 Rule. For critical data, businesses should make two full copies, maintained on separate physical devices. In addition, a third copy should be kept offline, preferably stashed at another location. Having two complete copies offers some measure of business continuity, allowing organizations to continue their business as usual even with the complete loss of one set of data. The offline copy, meanwhile, serves as an important hedge against inadvertent mistakes and outright malice. Below are five of the best backup solutions for the data security of your business.

Verbatim portable hard drives are known for being some of the slimmest and compact for convenience when on the go. But what really makes this hard drive shine is its compatibility with USB 3.0 ports for data transfer to and from your computer up to 10 times faster. You can schedule automatic system backups with Nero software, which includes encryption and password protection. And if you’re looking to lower your energy demand, this model comes with Green Button energy-saving software. There are other brands with similar features, but Verbatim remains a value leader ahead of the pack at this price point.
In the event of a power surge, loss of data is a real possibility in the workplace without a surge protector in place. Belkin’s top rated 12 outlet surge protector for businesses has an 8 foot heavy duty cord and sliding safety covers. As an additional failsafe, this model also has telephone line protection for complete surge coverage to keep things running smoothly.

If the 1TB portable hard drive is overkill for your needs and you’re simply looking for storage that you can go anywhere with you, look no further than the Verbatim 32GB Store ‘n’ Stay Nano USB 3.0 Flash Drive.  Coming with a lifetime warranty, this drive sticks out from your laptop just far enough so you can get a grip on it.  You can leave this low-profile design drive plugged in when you put your laptop away in a bag.  Like the 1 TB hard drive, this drive also has data encryption and password protection.  At 32 GB, you can store roughly 7 full-length movies or 8,000 songs and pictures.

If you’re looking for a physical disc alternative to the hard drives and flash drives, Blu-ray discs are a good cost-effective choice. Back in 2014, even Facebook purchased 10,000 Blu-ray discs for their data center storage needs so as to reduce energy costs.  One standard Blu-ray disc has over 5 times the storage of a single DVD.  And with 10 pack spindles available at historically low prices, this alternative storage solution is a definite value proposition.  Whatever the data backup needs be for your business, know that there are plenty of solutions available to make sure not one bit of data is at risk.






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