Creating Blue Cow Service

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Creating Blue Cow Service


It’s time we revealed a little secret about Blue Cow Service. The ability for a company to perform consistent acts of exceptional service has to start internally. Not so profound of a secret? Okay so maybe it’s not Watergate but there is still some powerfully subtle wisdom to be gained. To understand why Porter’s employees treat their customer’s so well you’d have to see some of their internal workings.


If you could see into the heart of the Porter’s office you’d see employees that have been fostered to always cover for each other. Because we know that no one person is highly skilled at everything, we foster a team environment where everyone pitches in because here at Porter’s we understand that the sum of a team is greater than its parts. Someone needs time off, easy. The culture this company has created naturally leads all the employees to fill in for each other when that needed day off comes around, even last minute.  We always try to give each other the thoughtful patient service we give to our customers.

But it’s not just the employees it’s that special culture we referred to a minute ago. The management does their part to make this the service power house it is. With thoughtful gifts and generous, creative parties and now with a special new incentive Porter’s has worked hard to motivate loyal happy employees. This special new program to help motivate Porter’s workers to give top tier service is dubbed BLUCOW1.

IMG_9085avrilThe highlight of this years office Christmas party was the revaluation that all employees are given a chance to use the company’s brand new BMW! Because a good turn deserves another. This is just one more extraordinary way Porter’s builds its people into the best service oriented business around.

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