Checklist for a Green, Healthy Kitchen

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If there is one important place in your home to start going green, it is the kitchen. After all, most families spend the most time in and around the kitchen, and your health and well being is largely determined by the foods you eat. Maybe it is time to make a checklist of your own. Here’s a start:

1. Choose fresh, locally grown, and organize foods for your diet (see link below on how to shop organic on a budget)

2. Avoid canned foods, which often contain BPA

3. Stay away from overly processed or packaged foods, which often contain high amounts of sodium, preservatives, and artificial ingredients

4. Use wood cutting boards instead of plastic boards, which encourage bacteria growth in their cracks and crevices

5. Say no to plastic, as chemicals can leach into your food and drink; better storage options include glass, ceramic, and stainless steel containers.

6. Replace the bacteria- collecting sponge with quick drying dish rags

7. Replace non-stick cookware, which can emit toxic fumes harmful to your health; try using stainless steel, cast iron, or enamel cookware instead


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