Breakroom Best Practices

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It’s time to discuss that part of the workday that doesn’t involve any “work” at all: yes, we’re talking about the work breaks. For most successful businesses, regular breaks are commonplace and encouraged, because oddly enough, those times when you aren’t working are almost as important to your productivity as the times when you are.

“But I can’t take a break,” you say. “I’m too busy. My team needs me!” What your team needs most is you to be sharp and focused, which is precisely what taking regular breaks can do for your mind.

Why We NEED to Take Breaks

  • Porter's Office ProductsYou’re not too busy. Even the president takes breaks to clear his head. You can spare 10 minutes.
  • Breaks help you stay focused. The human brain wasn’t built to focus on one long, extended task for hours on end. Doing so causes your mind to get bored and lose focus. A brief interruption from work resets the mind and gets it back on track.
  • Breaks help us reevaluate goals. Following a little intermission, our brains are forced to look at the big picture for a moment and evaluate the ultimate goal of what we’re trying to achieve.

As a company, it’s important to make sure you’re fostering a healthy environment for your employees to take breaks. And it all starts in the breakroom.

Breakroom Best Practices

  • Offer healthy snacks and beverages. The majority of employees enjoy having snacks available during the workday. Shop “Breakroom” at to stock your shelves in one step.
  • Create a calm environment. Positive colors and natural light can do wonders for people’s moods. Let in sunlight when possible, and use pleasant, muted colors for walls and floors. Check out our furniture installation service to get that breakroom outfitted with comfortable, ergonomic furniture.
  • Start conversations. Display company memos, awards, or recognitions. Tell someone happy birthday. Get people talking!

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