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Car repair and maintenance has always been fairly foreign to me. Since I feel like I do not know a great deal about cars, I tend to be weary when I need a car repair or update made. I don’t want to pay too much, and I want to make sure the job is done in an efficient, satisfactory way.

 I needed an engine part replaced on my car a few months ago, and took it in to a national change where I was told that a lot more than simply one part would need to be replaced. The total charges came up to thousands of dollars; I felt discouraged. I come from a small town not too far from Rexburg, and precariously drove my car home the following weekend. With recommendation from my father, I took the car in to a small, relatively unknown repair shop. They took the time to make sure I knew exactly what was going on and the repairs that my car would need. They explained everything competently and made me feel like my business truly mattered, not just my money.

 The bill was a great deal less than what had been quoted for me at the larger chain store. The experience was much more personal, and I left with a better knowledge of cars as well as repairs- which was wonderful. Best of all, I have found a company that I can truly trust with my car. In the future they will receive my business because of how they have treated me in the past.                 – Submitted by Melissa Miller


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