Blue Cow Maximizer

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“It’s our chance to sit down one on one and review your spend in all of the many product categories and services that we offer. We provide detailed information and discuss our service levels to make sure that we are doing what we told you we would do. We’ll also discuss what other value Porter’s Office Products can bring to the table in order to save your organization time and money.” —Scott Nix, VP of Sales

You may be wondering just what exactly is a Blue Cow Maximizer? You won’t find the answer in the dictionary, because even the word “Maximizer” won’t be found there. It’s unique to Porter’s. To really answer that question I have to ask a couple questions myself. Have you ever wondered if you might be better off buying private label items vs name brand? Would it be helpful to see the overall cost savings you are getting by ordering from Porter’s and be able to report that information to your boss? Does it sound beneficial to discuss your ordering process to see if there is a way to make it easier and yet manage your budget better at the same time?  These are a few of the valuable items that the Blue Cow Maximizer brings you.

The Blue Cow Maximizer is a business review with a purpose. We track all your orders and their content and report the information back to you. We analyze the results and find lower cost alternative items for you. We point you in the direction of items that may work better for you. We also identify ways to make your ordering more efficient. The Maximizer also holds us accountable to a high service level—because we report how we are doing to you.

If you would like to discuss the Blue Cow Maximizer in greater detail, then contact your account manager. Let them know you want to “Maximize” what Porter’s can do you for!



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