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Useful Documents You Can Make in the Office


A binding machine as a part of your standard office business machine ensemble can be used for more then just producing an occasional presentation, it can be a method of organizing the information you use daily for both internal and external purposes.


Internal Documents

Tax Returns
Binding your annual tax returns keeps every year organized for quick easy reference and eliminates lost pages.

Company Overviews
Guidelines defining your company may seem like a big business issue, but small businesses as well need to establish mission statements and best practices guidelines. Creating a bound company overview establishes a reference document that can help employees, contractors and vendors understand your vision for your company.

Operational Handbooks
If your small business includes the use of equipment or machinery, bound operational guidelines for equipment usage helps prevent mistakes, accidents and damage.

Custom Business Planners
Creating custom business planners for yourself and your employees can give you the ability to create an at-a-glance schedule designed specifically for your business. Customized planners can uniformly pinpoint crucial periods in your business cycle, define commonly attended trade shows, and highlight regular company events and conferences.


External Documents

Bound new business quotes show your professionalism. Detailed information is more likely to be read when bound.

Business Plans
Bound business plans not only make a strong impression, but can structure and organize your business strategy from executive summary to funding requests, offering a comprehensive, clear and concise document. And since every business is a work in progress, changing your plan is easy with your own binding machine.

A powerful PowerPoint presentation may impress a client, but maintaining the power through a bound version of that presentation secures that lasting impression.

Offering detailed information at trade shows or to potential customers is important, but maintaining cost is too. Creating bound professional looking leave-behinds for trade shows or for sales visits communicates your value without sacrificing your budget to expensive printing.


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