Beautiful Snowflake Tutorial!

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Learn how to make detailed snowflakes with simple office supplies from How About Orange. Click on the supplies below to order yours just in time to get your craft on!


“This is a speedy, fun project. I’ve hung one of these in each of our living room windows, and it looks festive and wintery. How to make it:

1. Download the large snowflake template or small snowflake template. Print enough pages so you’ll have 6 squares (1 or 2 sheets, depending on which template you chose). Cut along the inner lines with an X-acto knife and then cut out the squares.

2. For each snowflake, bend the tips of the inner-most flaps toward each other and curl with your fingers to give them shape. (No tape needed for this pair of flaps.)

3. Moving outward from the center, bend the next pair of flaps around in the opposite direction until they meet. Overlap ends and secure with double-stick tape.

4. Do the same for each concentric pair of flaps, alternating directions each time and taping ends together. Continue on to the remaining 5 squares, making the snowflake parts the same way you did the first one.

5. Tape all 6 points together to form a snowflake.”


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