Beat the Ice with Yellow Heat

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Here we are again in the heart of winter. The days are cold, the roads are slick, and the sidewalks are snowy. It can be dangerous out there! While we can’t do anything about the temperature, we do have a solution to keep your driveway and sidewalks clean and dry: Yellow Heat Ice Melt. It’s our own formula that works quickly to melt snow and ice on impact, and it’s significantly more effective than rock salt. Here are just a few benefits:

Porter's Office ProductsIt’s Powerful – The unique blend of chloride pellets generates melting heat faster than other salt compounds, and works in the coldest temperatures.

It Works Longer – Even after Yellow Heat pellets become dissolved, they’re still capable of melting snow and ice. This means you need fewer applications, saving time and money.

It’s Non-Staining, Non-Tracking – Yellow Heat will not chip or leave residue on roads, driveways, and sidewalks, garage floors, or any other surface when used properly. Salt can’t say that.

It’s Safe – Yellow Heat will not harm your lawn or garden, and is perfectly safe around children and pets. You can use it after every snowfall without worrying about doing damage to the environment.

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