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“Need some last minute mailing labels, but you’re away from your computer? No problem. 

With the Avery Templates Everywhere App, you can quickly import your contacts onto Avery mailing or shipping labels directly from your Apple® iOS® device. Then you can print your labels straight from your device with a compatible printer, or email your project to a friend or coworker to print. 

If you need access to a previously saved project, simply open your MyAvery account from your device to email or print it. 

Want to add your return address to a shipping label? Just add your address in Settings and it will automatically be applied to your shipping and return address labels.

Best of all, with the Scan Contacts feature you can easily capture text and add it to your contacts. Just use the feature to scan business cards, mailing labels and more. You can use the scanned information to create a new contact, or if the contact already exists, merge the data with the existing record.

Take Avery templates everywhere! This app is compatible with Apple® iPhone® 3GS, 4 and 4S,  iPad® and iPad® 2 that are running iOS 5. It will even work with your 4th or 5th generation iPod touch®. ”

Download the iPhone app now!

Download the iPad app now!

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