A Slick Situation

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Like every other day you are in a little bit of a rush to grab something to eat as you quickly get ready for another day of work. Dashing out the door you make for your car totally oblivious to the danger that’s lying in wait for you. And as you reach your door it strikes! Slipping, your foot and ankle make their way under the car causing a sever twist to occur. A couple winters ago this was my dad and he took weeks to recover. So many of us have had similar experiences or near misses. Aside from occasionally providing humor to those who get to witness someone take a spill, probably shouldn’t laugh but we’re all human, there is nothing good about ice build up. The last thing any company needs is liability for someone’s fall because they have been ignoring the sidewalks and parking areas they provide for customers.

This winter do the right thing and make sure you are making the outside of your business a safe place for people to visit. Be proactive and get someone out there breaking up the thick spots and use liberal amounts of ice melt. try to have hand rails clean and assessable as well. Your priority areas are any thing with stairs. These pose the greatest threat. Try and also find where snow is melted by the layout of your property such as the roof. the water leaks to specific areas and then freezes as soon as it’s away from the heat source. These will always be your problem areas to watch.

There are so many reasons to love winter and ways to enjoy it. We don’t have to loath the white winter we have, we just need to be conscious of it’s dangers. Take the time to make it a safe winter and have some fun with it.

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