A Hidden Risk: Protecting your office copier

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One risk many companies don’t think about when it comes to confidential information or sensitive material- digital copiers have hard drives that store all the information copied! Here are some steps to help keep your information secure:

1. Clean off your hard drive before selling an office copier, just as you would your computer.

2. If you don’t have an IT person in house, hire an expert who can help you check your equipment before selling or giving it away.

3. Create a digital filing system to minimize risk. the fewer places information is stored to handled, the less likely it will get into the wrong hands. One digital copier may be enough for your employees.

4. Alert your employees to the fact that all information they copy is saved and to take care when they scan or photocopy private information. If employees are copying things that are not work related, this may serve to be a helpful deterrent and help you save on paper cost and the overuse of your copier at the same time.

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