9 Effortless Games For Your Office Holiday Party!

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Are you, like many others, last-minute planning for your office holiday party? Not sure what games to play? Let us help by suggesting 9 games for you to try!

#1 – White Elephant

A white elephant exchange is a great way to have fun at a holiday party. There are many ways to make this game unique, so have fun with making this a memorable game! A few notes:

  • Make sure to set a theme – it could be funny or serious, or focus on specific gifts like self care or desk decorations
  • Make sure to set a price limit
  • Have a few extra presents on hand in case someone forgets to bring one, but would still like to participate

Have all presents in the middle, and each employee takes a turn picking a present. As employees pick presents, they have the chance to pull from the pile or steal from a coworker. After everyone has a present, all open their gifts and see what they got!

#2 – Secret Santa

Instead of a white elephant exchange, you could run a Secret Santa game! A week or two before, put all employee names into a hat, and have each one pull a name for their secret giftee. At your party, have everyone exchange gifts! We recommend setting a price limit for gifts as well.

#3 – Silent Night Charades

This holiday twist on a classic game is sure to be a hit at your next party! The same rules apply, but instead you theme your prompts around the holidays. Some examples include holiday films, carols, seasonal traditions, or Christmas characters.

#4 – Never Have I Ever – Holiday Edition

First this version of never have I ever, everyone holds up both hands – aka their antlers – and puts a finger down for every prompt they have done. The winner is the last one with fingers still up! Some examples include:

  • Never have I ever dressed up a pet for family photos
  • Never have I ever gone caroling
  • Never have I ever eaten Figgie pudding
  • Never have I ever gone Black Friday shopping

The possibilities are endless!

#5 – Recipe Exchange

A fun way to get those crafty in the kitchen together is by hosting a holiday recipe exchange! Have everyone bring a sample of the recipe, along with enough copies to share. Or go a step further and collect the recipes before/after your party and compile them into a small book to share. Baked goods are a great way to share holiday cheer!

#6 – Gingerbread House Contest

In the same baking vein as idea number 5, get everyone in the office to bring a gingerbread house for judging (and later snacking). Let your employees’ talent shine! Or, supply the fixings yourself and host the contest at your party. Give everyone 30 minutes and see what happens!

#7 – Ugly Sweater Contest

Everyone loves an ugly sweater contest. Need we say more? Have a prize for the gaudiest, Christmas-y one.

#8 – Most Likely To – Holiday Edition

Which teammate is most likely to perform this holiday scenario? Let your employees guess who would and get a few laughs! Some prompts include:

  • Who is most likely to give the best Secret Santa gift?
  • Who is most likely to have a killer holiday recipe?
  • Who is most likely to knock over the Christmas tree?
  • Who is most likely to wait until Christmas Eve to finish shopping?
  • Who is most likely to finish holiday shopping in July?
  • Who is most likely to leave Christmas lights up year round?
  • Who is most likely to dress up as Santa?

Holiday questions are from teambuilding.com

#9 – Holiday Traditions Trivia

Test your coworker’s national and international Christmas knowledge with a trivia challenge! Take some time to search for traditions in other countries, and write up some fun questions! Some prompts include:

  • In Japan, KFC is a popular meal on December 25th – Tradition
  • In Wisconsin, citizens celebrate the first snowfall with a barefoot sprint – Not tradition
  • In Caracas, Venezuela, citizens will roller skate to early morning mass – Tradition
  • In Norway, some will hide their broomsticks on Christmas Eve to prevent witches from getting them – Tradition
  • In Mexico, people will often ring in the New Year by writing resolutions in the sand – Not tradition

And that’s it! We hope these 9 Christmas games will set you up for a great holiday office party! Let us know which one you want to try in the comments below.

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