5 Tips For a Great Office Break Room

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Do you have questions on how a great office break room should be? Well, to start off with a great office break room should be an alluring retreat for workers to quickly relax, refresh and associate with their colleagues.

Therefore it is very necessary for employers to make the break room’s atmosphere a comfortable and calm one as well as the provision of a place for significant interactions and enhancing team spirit. This content is directed towards recommendation on important factors to consider making your break room more hospitable and functional.

The Office Break Room

Apart from the work desk where workers spend most of their time at, another place they frequent is the office break room. The office break room is important for lots of reasons including a place to grab a snack, a place to hold casual meetings, or a place to escape briefly from work.

As an employer, you need to know that break rooms are very important to your employees to encourage both their mental and physical breaks from the daily demands of work. Research carried out on workers revealed that regular breaks during work will lead to high productivity and elevated work happiness.

These are five tips you should have in mind if you desire to build a great office break room.

1. Designate a specific place with comfortable seating’s.

A particular place should be designated for your break room. The place should be creatively adorned, include pieces of furniture such as lounge chairs and coffee tables. Comfortable seating’s such as couches, individual seats, and matching chairs and tables should be in place in order to create a warm atmosphere.

2. Have a kitchen installed and have it well stocked on regular basis.

A kitchen in a break room makes it very convenient and gives warm comfort to the office environment. Refrigerators and microwave should be available for workers who desire to reheat or refrigerate food brought from home.

For example Coffee pots, vending machine etc. gives the workers a sense of value. Remember to keep the kitchen well-stocked, this will not only please the employees but also create good impressions on clients and visitors. Go the extra mile by supplying regular snacks and beverages sustain employee’s energy throughout the day.

break room snacks

3. Create a high-spirited mood in the break room

An ideal break room should be a sort of temporary escape from busy activity and stress from work so that the workers will leave there feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Have the rooms painted In bright colors? You could also have bulletin boards placed where an announcement can be posted.

Recreational games are also excellent ideas for creating a high-spirited mood in the break room. Such games include darts, Ping-Pong table etc.. Recreational games give employees opportunity to connect closely with one another and also enjoy their work. They eliminate mental and physical stresses, therefore creating a healthy work-life balance for one’s employees.

4. Let an employee manage the break room.

Also, An employee should be placed in charge of the break room. He/She’s duty shall include keeping the break room clean and organized. He/ she shall be the contact person in charge of complaints resolving and maintenance of a good atmosphere.

5. Provide Bestsellers Books and trendy magazines

Great books should be provided, most especially books that will really ease tensions from the mind of the readers. Have employees make out their choice of the book each, they may also suggest their interests.

Above all, do not forget, the more you engage your employees the more productive they will be. The best choice of engagement currently is a welcoming break room that caters to employees mental and physical need.

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