5 Home Office Color Schemes That Will Make You Want to Redecorate

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Black and White

A black and white office is perfect if want a classy and more modern look. The monochrome color scheme is an especially good choice for those of you that don’t have the best eye for interior design-because if everything is black and white everything will match (every time!)


All White

There’s just something about an all white color scheme that makes the room feel bigger and more open. You definitely don’t want to feel claustrophobic or crowded in your own work space. If you ever do-switch to white for a brighter and cleaner feel!

Rose Gold

Lack of color isn’t for everyone. If you’re feeling too bland, try adding in a pop of rose gold! Rose gold is the color of 2017. If you feel like your cubicle is getting a little boring, a few rose gold accessories is a great way to change up your space.


We all know different colors can affect our mood and the way we feel. Well, I think everyone should feel empowered at work! That’s why red-the power color-is a great option during your next office makeover.


Now, I’m not talking about green walls or green notepads. I’m talking about PLANTS! Plants clean the air, reduce stress, and the space just overall fresher and brighter. If you don’t have any plants, I recommend starting off with a snake plant, a little cactus, or a succulent. They don’t need much water, don’t take up too much space and they look super good in a boring corner!

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