15 Of The Best Work From Home Gadgets

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Chances are if you are still working at home, this is a permanent solution. It is time to find the tools that make your work-from-home life easier. Here are a selection of our favorite gadgets that would make work at home or in the office work for you! The best part is that all items can be purchased online at portersop.com AND we deliver!

1. Surge protector

When working from home, you are bound to have lots of electronics that need to be plugged into a power outlet. With a computer and a monitor then you are out of space. Get a surge protector so you have enough outlets for that second monitor, a desk light, a phone charger, and whatever other things need power. We recommend this wall Charger it has 3 outlets and 4 USB charging ports.

2. Glass Desktop Dry-erase Board

Tired of not being able to find that one sticky note you needed? We have the solution! Get one of these super handy desktop whiteboards, your notes all stay in one place. It is the same size as your keyboard and has an extra storage drawer. This desktop dry-erase board is perfect for to-do lists, quick notes and so much more!

3. Desk Riser

Even when you work from home nothing hits the spot like standing up and getting out of that chair! Working from home you can’t wander over to your co-worker’s desk for a chair break, and there are only so many trips to the kitchen you can take in a day. Don’t get burnt out sitting for 8 hours every day, get a desk riser. This Gadget makes it so your standard desk or table converts into a sit/stand desk. It is height adjustable and ready to stand when you are. Check out this X-type Slim Desk riser!

4. Desk Organizer

When you work in an office it is easy to keep your desk tidy because you likely have more space and better storage options. At home, it is important to keep your workspace just as organized. According to GCF Global which focuses on helping people learn essential skills for success in the 21st century, there are many reasons a clean desk is important to your working habits. Keeping your desk organized helps with time management, task and goal management, as well as lengthened focus and higher efficiency. (To read the full article go to https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/workplacebasics/organizing-your-desk/1/)

5. Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard

Bluetooth computer accessories help with the ever-challenging cord management game that happens when you work at home. Space can be tight at home, if this is the case, having a mouse and keyboard you can move out of the way is essential.

6. Cable Clips

Speaking of cord management, cable clips help keep cords like your phone, tablet, or laptop charger at the ready when you need it. You can stick them anywhere they will keep your cords in place. No more searching for that pesky phone cord that is now somewhere by your ankles. These come in singles And strips for maximum cord organization.

7. Extra Monitor

Now that working from home is permanent, its time you invest in a second monitor. An extra monitor can feel like something you can live without, and maybe you could when working from home was temporary, but you are still working from home. There are several benefits to the extra monitor like having a larger screen to see things on or having 2x the digital workspace so you can have multiple windows or apps viewable at the same time.

8. High-quality Office Chair

At home, if your workspace is in your bedroom, kitchen, or a dedicated office space, your back will hate you forever if you don’t start thinking about investing in a comfortable chair you want to sit in for 8 hours a day. That hard kitchen chair is not doing you any favors. Investing in a comfortable office chair can help you be more efficient and focused on your work. We highly recommend the HON Ignition 2.0. As far as high-quality office chairs go, it’s the best and your back deserves it!

9. Monitor Arm

If you are still working at home, why not make your workspace work for you? Many at-home workspaces are small, add a keyboard and extra monitor, and what space do you have left to work? Using a monitor mount can help free up a good amount of surface space on your desk.

10. Screen Cleaning Wipes

Don’t clean your screens with wet wipes or generic cleaners, they leave streaks and can ruin the monitor. Screen cleaning wipes help to remove all the dust and soda splatters (no judgment) from your monitors for a crystal-clean viewing experience.

11. Desk Fan

Getting too hot when you work can make it very hard to stay focused. We recommend getting this desk fan. It can help you stay cool and focused when you are in the groove without needing to get up and adjust the temperature. Not only is is small, but it also has a USB connector so you can plug it straight into your computer.  

12. Planner

Hopefully, you already know the importance of using a calendar or planner when you work. At home, it works the same way! It can help to remind you about important dates, appointments, and meetings. Not to mention helping you keep track of your days.

13. External Hard-drive

If your work-from-home computer is a laptop or low on space you may need to invest in an external hard drive. When you are on a roll and you computer doesn’t have space for that document you just downloaded, an external hard-drive would save your day! Don’t run out of space on your work computer for the documents and files you need. Save your older less used but still important files on an external hard drive.

14. Printer

In these modern times, many companies have gone paperless. But studies show that when we print something out it is easier to spot to spot mistakes. Looking at an important document on your screen works, however, many people focus better reading something on physical paper. Just think about how many notifications you received reading this article, paper doesn’t have notifications.

15. Footrest

Having a slightly elevated footrest at your desk may seem like an extravagant luxury that is not important. But it is highly beneficial for reducing strain on your back, and improving posture and circulation. after all if you spend 8 hours a day sitting down working hard you deserve to put your feet up!

At the end of your work-from-home day, you need to find the gadgets that work for you. Finding the perfect gadget will help with productivity and your work flow. And sometimes all you need to enhance your productivity is the right tool. What tools work best for you?

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