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The Super Bowl is coming up on February 7th, so it’s time to prepare for the ultimate watch party! Planning for a party around the most watched television show in the world can be a little overwhelming. This is why today I’ve put together my Top Super Bowl Party Must-Have’s!

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Some of your guests will be there strictly to watch the game, and others for the commercials, but you can betchyer bottom dollar they will all be there for the food.  Follow these party planning tips below and your guests will be talking about your party long after the game is over!

Prepare for the game by having the following items:

Team-themed decorations: Even if your home-town team is not playing (wah-wah) know that the rivalries will show up at your party! Encourage playful competition by having decorations and team colors showcasing both teams!  A fun idea you might consider is to separate the watch room into Team A fans and Team B fans.

Football-related games: Many people who do not like football will still come to your party, so it is important to keep them entertained! Games like table football are fun, or you could turn the Super Bowl into a game of betting – Commercial Bingo anyone?

Seating: The hardest thing about planning a Super Bowl party is finding a place for everyone to sit! Some football games can last over 4 hours and many people will stay until the end. For last minute and extra seating my go-to are comfy floor cushions and folding chairs. Still short on seating?  Simply call up a friend or neighbor and see if you can borrow.

Speakers: Because the Super Bowl is very long and parties can be loud, I like to use speakers strategically placed around my home, so guests can hear the game no matter where they are. Check out our Leitz Speaker System. These guys are small, portable and wireless, leaving plenty of touchdown dancing floor space!

Paper supplies/Cleaning supplies: Nothing is worse than having a pile of dishes to the ceiling. Prepare by stocking up on plenty of paper plates, napkins and utensils. This will make clean-up easy-breezy!  I also recommend paying close attention to your garbage can during your event to ensure nothing is overflowing. I like to assign a handy friend to help keep any eye on things. Be sure to have air fresheners, sanitizing wipes and paper towels on hand to return your house to new after all your friends leave.

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Many times, football resolves around snacks. Here are some fun Super Bowl snack essentials you’ll want to stock up on:

Beverages: If there is anything you buy in abundance for a party, it is beverages. Make sure to buy a variety because not everyone will have the same taste! Also, a pitcher of water is the easiest and most important beverage you can offer your guests.

Chips/Dip: Chips or pretzels, paired with a fun dip, is a quick way for your guests to snack. Place a few bowls of different snacks in front of the TV to make sure no one misses a single play!

Hearty Snacks: Because the games tend to be long, some of your guests might become hungry for something other than chips. Chicken wings, pizza, and sliders are surefire crowd pleasers, but be sure you also have an option or two for the vegetarians of the group.

Sweets: End the night with some sweet treats and everyone goes home a winner! Get creative and serve festive football themed confections like football shaped brownies or cookies decorated with team colors.

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