The Science of Picking a Chair Mat

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Which Chair Mat do You Need


Choosing a chair mat can seem like a complex task. Especially when you start to hear the list of confusing options. We will try to simplify the selection process a little by explaining these different options.

Lets start with the types of mats, probably the simplest part of deciding which mat to got with. Ask yourself, am I going to be using this mat on a carpeted surface or a hard floor like linoleum or wood? If its the latter then you don’t need to even look at the second half of the chart to the right. You need a non-studded mat.

The second option you have to look at is do you want a beveled edge or a straight edge? The beveled edge generally is a little more money. The extra cost comes with an extended life time for your mat though. This is especially true if you roll on and off the mat with your chair frequently. The bevel helps prevent cracking on the edges of the mat that occur from this rolling on and off of the mat.

If you are like most people and need a mat for a carpeted surface then the decision of a beveled edge is still same. It comes with the same advantages and drawbacks. There are three variations of studs of these mats. They correspond to the thickness of your carpet. Most commercial buildings use a dense, low pile carpet. The reason you want to make sure you get the right stud size on your mat is because if you don’t it will crack much easier and shorten the life of your mat.

The last feature to consider is the actual thickness of the plastic for your mat. A good rule to go by is the thicker the mat, the longer the life span of the mat.

Hopefully next time you have to get a chair mat all those options will not seem so daunting.

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