Ten ANTI-Resolutions For The New Year

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New Years Resolutions are right around the corner and Larry Winget has given us the PERFET guidline to follow when planning out our goals for the next year with his ANTI-resolutions. It’s not about NOT making resolutions, but rather on making goals, and focusing on the end result. 

1. Last year is OVER – let it go. No good comes from dwelling on the past.

2. Don’t whine about the bad in your life. Whining prolongs the problem and irritates the rest of us.

3. Keep your problems to yourself. The tolerant are your enemy, not your friend.

4. Keep your dreams to yourself. Naysayers can destroy your dreams by shaking your confidence.

5. Never make resolutions- they don’t work. They are task focused, not end-result focused.

6. Start with the end in mind. Know EXACTLY what you want your life to look like and make a plan.

7. Write things down. Problems get smaller when written down, goals become more real.

8. Expect derailment. You will experience setbacks. Big deal. Get over it and move on.

9. Don’t stop – unless you need to stop. Sometimes you discover it was a bad goal, or you need to rest, or you need to start over completely – otherwise, stay focused and keep the momentum going.

10. Celebrate. Not just at the end, but all along the way.


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