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Our food drive is almost here!  Starting November 17th, Porter’s will be contributing to The Idaho Foodbank by gathering food items from the community to distribute to those in need throughout the local area. We will pick up items from November 17th-19th, so have all your food items ready for our drivers to pick up when we deliver your supplies!  If you don’t have a delivery expected within that time, just give us a call and we’ll come pick it up for you. The Idaho Food Bank is looking for nutritious unopened items within two years of their sell by date to distribute to your local area.

Needed Items:

Canned fruit, vegtables, dried meats, 100% fruit juice, rice crackers, cereal, pasta, flour, non-fat dryed milk, evaporated and dehydrated milk, instant or canned soup, condiments, and sugar.


“Leading the effort to end hunger in Idaho.” – The Idaho Foodbank

Help make a difference in your community!

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