Monday’s How To: Use a Binding Comb Machine

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So it turns you’re the one in charge of putting together all the report folders for the next meeting or conference and you’re in a bind. Here are some quick tips on comb binding from the experts at  My Binding  to help you get the job done fast!

  1. Be careful not too punch too many sheets at a time. Although your comb binding machine may be capable of punching more sheets, you can improve productivity and preserve your comb binding machine by punching smaller amounts of paper.
  2. Separate your book into sections when inserting it onto your comb bindings. For larger books it is far easier to insert smaller sections onto your comb binding spines rather than trying to put the whole document on at once.
  3. Remember to use your margin control. Most comb binding machines have a margin control on the side of them. Use this margin control to set how far from the edge of the page the holes will be. For smaller plastic comb bindings you want to be sure to set the holes to be closer and for larger comb bindings you can set it to be further away.
  4. Be careful not to open your comb binding too far with your comb binding opener. If you really open your plastic comb binding too far you will send it flying across the room. However, many people open their comb bindings just a little bit too far making it more difficult than necessary to insert their documents.
  5. Regularly empty your chip tray. If you let the chip tray back up on your comb binding machine, punching may become difficult and eventually you can actually break the dies or the pressure bar on your comb binding machine

But wait! There’s more! Just in case you’re a visual learner check out this awesome Video from My Binding demonstrating the basics of using a binding machine

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