Kitchen Command Center Organizing Ideas

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Keeping a family organized means taking control of information and schedules
for everyone’s activities. Here are some ideas to set up your own home base to
divide and conquer the paperwork. Follow these three steps to create an effective kitchen command center:

  1. Centralize.
  2. Categorize.
  3. Utilize.

You’ll keep your troops ready for action, and you’ll feel more in charge of
the paperwork and your time.

Smead Frequency Expanding File


  • Designate one place as your command center. Make sure
    it’s a spot that doesn’t interfere with normal kitchen activities. Include a
    flat surface area, some wall space and a drawer if possible.
  • Dedicate the space to managing the activities of the
    household, such as kids’ school, sports and extracurricular activities, family
    schedules, and neighborhood, church or community events.
  • Include a master calendar where all of the family
    members’ activities can be seen at once. A white board for writing messages is
    helpful, too.
  • Make the command center the landing place for incoming
    mail and activities paperwork. Be sure all family members put their schedules,
    invitations, registration and order forms, assignment lists and other
    activity-related materials here.


  • Review any mail and new papers daily. Keep bills
    separated from activity materials. Reserve the command center for managing
    schedules and upcoming activities only.
  • Sort the activity paperwork into groups for each family
    member. Write important dates on the master calendar.
  • Use a Poly Frequency Expanding File to hold all
    activity materials. Use different pockets to hold materials for each activity.
    Write the person’s name and the activity on the tab inserts. Use a different
    color insert for each family member for quick identification.
  • Use multiple pockets to divide children’s activities
    into school, sports and extracurricular activities.
  • Keep the Poly Frequency Expanding File on the counter
    where it’s easily visible and accessible. Rugged poly material and a protective
    flap make it portable and secure.


  • Check the calendar daily to stay aware of upcoming
    events. Look ahead a few days to make sure you are on track for all scheduled
  • Review the materials in each person’s activity pockets
    every day for any paperwork that pertains to the events on the calendar. Fill
    out any forms that need to be turned in. Include payments if needed.
  • Keep the command center uncluttered. Do not store
    papers permanently in the expanding file. Discard or file materials that are no
    longer important for an upcoming event.


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