How to Pack Like a Pro: 5 Essential Products for the Road Warrior

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If you find yourself always on the go for work, you know that convenience is king when you need to work away from the desk.  Having everything portable, well-charged, and organized will give you the competitive advantage when it comes to time management and efficiency.  A staggering number of people hit the roads and fly the friendly skies for business purposes each year.  The Global Business Travel Association pegs the number of business trips taken annually in the U.S. at 488 million.  Below are a list of five of the most popular products for businessmen and women on the move at the best Blue Cow prices.

Sometimes when you’re on the go space is at a premium and you’ll need a computer mouse for travel that’s ultra-compact and easy to store. Verbatim has a mini travel mouse with a nano USB receiver that is ideal for notebook and netbook users.  The included USB receiver protrudes very little from your laptop so you can leave it in without any snagging when you store it in a bag.  With four different color schemes, Verbatim has the right travel mouse to fit your style.

For business trips lasting only a day or two, save the money that would’ve gone towards checking in large luggage and pack your change of work clothes in your laptop bag carry-on. Targus has a roller notebook bag that will protect any laptop with up to a 16” screen with its foam padding. The outside is water-resistant to keep your belongings dry and, when not in use, the telescoping handle retracts into a zippered compartment so it can act as a briefcase. On the inside, you’ll find the zip-down workstation includes pen loops, a spot for business cards, and even a cell phone pocket.

There’s nothing worse than a cell phone or laptop battery running out of juice before an important meeting or call comes around. Bring some charging security with you on your next business trip with the Weego Tour 5200 Battery Pack.  With a maximum charge capacity of 5,200 mAh, this model has enough power to recharge your cell phone up to two full times from a dead battery and comes with a two foot USB cord for convenient charging of your cell phone, tablets, speakers, or laptop.   The peace of mind this little gadget will provide when there’s a scarcity of wall outlets nearby is invaluable.

Wireless headphones perhaps aren’t among the first things you think about on a business trip, but these are becoming quite common for several reasons. Some business travelers will use them as plush, oversized earmuffs on an especially noisy flight while others will use them in the morning before a big meeting to get inspired.  Granted, this Compucessory pair of wireless headphones isn’t a big-name brand like Bose or Sennheiser, but only the most discerning of audiophiles would find these lacking in performance.  This model has a range of 65 feet wires-free and big, booming 40mm drivers for an immersive soundstage.

These days, more and more laptops are switching from standard hard drives with moving parts to solid state drives. This is a great advancement for speed and cooling, but unless you have money to burn they tend to have smaller storage capacities.  The solution?  Bring along an external hard drive for at least an extra terabyte of backup storage and you’ll never need to upgrade the storage on your computer.  This Verbatim model stands apart from the rest with lightning-fast USB 3.0 connectivity at a competitive price and is hardly bigger than a smartphone.


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