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Providing PURELL® Hand Sanitizer to

Employees Led to 20% Fewer Sick Days

Providing PURELL® Hand Sanitizer to Employees Led to 20% Fewer Sick Days

Think about how much more you accomplish at work when you’re healthy—and how much you miss when you’re not there.

When you can’t be at work because you are sick you miss a lot. And when you show up too under the weather to get much done, you not only are less than optimally productive, but you spread germs to all of your co-workers as well.

When FedEx Custom Critical added PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer to its work environment, the company saw a 20 percent reduction in absenteeism1. That’s because PURELL gave employees a better chance at fighting off the germs of co-workers. People could accomplish more at work and, later, at home.

PURELL helped reduce sick days and increased productivity at FedEx—just as it can do for you and your work life.

1 FedEx Outcome Study Executive Update: Interim Report, July 27, 2004, (unpublished) GOJO industries, Inc., 90.3% confidence interval.


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