15 STEPS to protect your small business!

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Don’t be left in the dark- Take control of your business by making sure everything is secure and protected! Follow these simple steps from our Office Stuff flyer this month to help you get started…

1. Inventory your company’s sensitive information and document where it is stored.

2. Keep sensitive data in strategic and minimal locations.

3. Encrypt sensitive data through applications or secure databases.

4. Use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection for receiving or transmitting credit card information and other financial data across the Internet.

5. Get at least two references for all new employees (and a background check may not be a bad idea).

6. Institute a good privacy policy and educate your employees on the use of social sites like Facebook and Twitter in the workplace.

7. Use a secure wireless connection adn a firewall.

8. Update your anti-virus software on a regular basis.

9. Change passwords on a regular basis and have computers return to the login screen after a few minutes of inactivity.

10. Download applications that only come from reliable sources.

11. Keep important data in locked filing cabinets or locked rooms.

12. Use paper shredders on a regular basis and place them throughout the ofice.

13. Password-protect laptops and mobile devices and be careful how you connect to outside Wi-Fi Sources.

14. Verify the secuirty practices of any of your vendors or outsourcers.

15. Consider using a managed security service or consultant to make sure your buisiness is as secure as possible.


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