Meet Aime

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Aime is our Customer Service Manager for our Pocatello Location. If you have called us recently you have probably spoken to her. She works hard to make sure you get the products you need and that all your needs are taken care of!

She likes working at Porter’s because of its family atmosphere and dedication to customer care. She loves to see the progress the company is making especially in the Pocatello location.

Aime’s favorite ice cream is Farr’s Black Licorice (yuck) and her least favorite is bubble gum. On her day off, if her grown children don’t take over, she enjoys fishing and camping with her husband and spending time with her dogs. Aime says her strangest talent is throwing tomahawks. Her celebrity crush is Sean Connery, “Just don’t tell my husband” she jokes. She has spent many of her young adult years traveling and seeing different parts of the country. Now she doesn’t want to travel. She says: “I just love being at home and enjoying my little slice of the American dream.”

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