Blue Cow People: Tom Dalbeck

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I am the accounts receivable department here at Porter’s Office Products. I am also working on my BS in CIT at BYU-I.

I worked as a Network Engineer/ IT consultant in Los Angeles for the 3 years before I came back to school in 2011.  Before that I worked for the largest Hasler mail machine dealer in Southern California.  I was the dispatch manager for all 4 locations, as well as the accounts receivables/collections person.  Before that I was in the United States Marine Corps where I spent most of my time in San Diego.

My interests include archery, music (I play the guitar) scouting, and hanging out with my family.

I’ve been with Porter’s just over 10 months, and my favorite thing about working here is the people.  Everyone seems to go out of their way to try and help, and they’ve all been very supportive and friendly.

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