Blue Cow People: Scott Nix

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I work with the Account Manager Team and am responsible for all aspects of the Sales Department. I spend my days in a mix between scouring through reports and looking at all sorts of numbers, to looking at new product opportunities, and all the way to the fun one of calling on customers. Some days I don’t see the light of day and others I don’t see my office!

My first job was working in a grocery store in the produce department while I was in High School.  I liked it so much that I became the Produce Department Manager and did that while attending College in Oklahoma, prior to moving to Idaho. Once in Idaho, I found my Office Supply career and have been in the industry for well over 20 years. I wasn’t around when they invented the pencil, but close! Actually, when I first started in the industry fax machines were the new thing and I couldn’t believe what they could do!

I’m an avid Denver Broncos fan. My family and I have attended many games over the years and I stick with them in the good years as well as the bad.  I have painted my face for a game but never my belly!  Luckily, I was not able to spend $10,000 to go to the last Super Bowl…oh well, there is always next year!!!

I am working on my third year with Porter’s.  My favorite thing about being a member of the Porter’s team is the care and concern for the employees and customers.  I worked for a national office products dealer for quite a while—and it just wasn’t always the case there. Porter’s Blue Cow Service is real!

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