Blue Cow People: Melissa Brown

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Born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Melissa comes from a family of six children.  She lives for the thrill of the outdoors and exploring new activities.  Melissa received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Brigham Young University-Idaho.  She adores traveling, and finds inspiration in even the most simple things.  Melissa holds an appreciation for all forms of art, including architecture, music, photography, graphic design, and other forms of expression.  Having studied French for 9 years, Melissa enjoys the richness of culture and diversity.

Qualified by means of education, experience and examination, and to protect and enhance the health, life safety and welfare of the public, Melissa’s designs are based on the effects an environment plays on the individual, the community, and the success of a business.  Each design is catered to the individual and the purpose of the space.  With a firm belief in making work an enjoyable experience, Melissa offers consultation and design services as the Furniture Design Specialist at Porter’s Office Products.

“When they give you lined paper, write sideways”

–Daniel Quinn


Melissa Brown
Furniture Design Specialist
Porter’s Office Products
(208) 232-1234

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