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The Multifaceted Sales Team Manager at Porter’s Office Products

We are fortunate to have a diverse and talented team. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on our exceptional Sales Manager, Sarah Nielsen. Sarah is a dedicated team member who brings a wealth of experience and a unique blend of interests to her role in sales. In this blog, we’ll delve into Sarah’s background, hobbies, and what makes her an integral part of our team. 

Sarah is a person of many passions. Her favorite dinosaur is the long neck, which is not surprising given her adventurous spirit. When it comes to music, she enjoys a wide range of genres but has a particular affinity for opera and classical music. In her free time, Sarah loves to indulge in various hobbies that showcase her multifaceted nature. She is an avid traveler and hiker, exploring new places and connecting with nature. She also enjoys leatherwork, creating unique pieces that reflect her artistic side. 

Her interests in Egyptology and Archaeology further demonstrate her curiosity and thirst for knowledge. If given the chance, Sarah would love to meet Zahi Hawass, the leading expert in Egyptology and former Minister of Antiquities in Cairo. As for fashion, she hopes that jumpsuits will make a comeback for their comfort and versatility. 

At home, Sarah shares her space with beloved pets, her husband, and her two children, adding warmth and companionship to her life. When it comes to food, she currently loves eating CupBop, a delicious and satisfying meal choice. If Sarah could snap her fingers and become an expert at something, she would choose plumbing. She loves the idea of mastering DIY skills and being self-sufficient in various aspects of life. 

Sarah’s journey began with her first job shining boots for officers of the Navy at a military base in Fort Worth, Texas. This early experience instilled in her the value of hard work and dedication. Today, Sarah is an essential member of the Porter’s Office Products team, working in sales for over a decade. She holds an MBA in Business Sales and Marketing and uses her education and skills to help grow and develop her team members. 

When asked which office product she would be, Sarah chose a stapler. Much like a stapler, she connects and holds everyone together, creating a strong, cohesive team at Porter’s Office Products. 

Sarah Nielsen’s diverse interests, talents, and dedication make her valuable asset to the team at Porter’s Office Products. We are proud to have her on board, and we look forward to seeing her continued growth and success in the years to come. 

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