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Just a little “Blue Cow Story” to get your weekend going…

“On New Year’s Day we went out to breakfast and although the restaurant we picked was packed, we decided to wait.  We finally got seated and the waitress took our order for drinks.  It took her awhile to get back to us.  She finally brought us our drinks and apologized for taking so long.  It was not big deal we knew she was busy.  It took a long time for us to get our food.  She apologized again.  When she brought us our ticket she said that she took off all the drinks and one of the breakfasts.  This impressed my family and I as we were not upset about how slow things were.  We could see that they were busy and it wasn’t her fault, she took care of us the best she could. It was nice of her to do that especially as we did not make a fuss or make a scene. 

Sometimes in business we only seem to take care of those who scream or yell or show us that they are unhappy. Their excellent customer service showed they cared about all their customers, not just ones who were unsatisfied.”

 –       Story Contributed by Avril Emfield

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